The New Standard in Belleville Washer, Disc Spring and Flange Washer Supply Chain Solutions

Welcome to American Belleville. We are currently in the process of developing our fully interactive website…stay tuned!

American Belleville –  We proudly support and service the Fastener Distribution, Valve OEM, Power Generation & Transmission(utilities), Refineries & Drilling Equipment industries with the following Made in the USA products, manufactured in our 22,000-sq. foot facility in Concord, OH:

American Belleville is revolutionizing the overall customer experience with innovative tailor-made solutions to problems that many don’t even realize they have.

Do you regularly call suppliers after your order is due, only to find that there are delays that will further plague your pipeline?  Or do you wonder why your suppliers charge for certifications that simply confirm that their product is what they say it is?  Ever get the feeling that your supplier feels as though they’re doing you a favor when servicing your account?

Too often people become de-sensitized to sub-par customer service and simply acquiesce, by thinking “I guess that’s just the way it is”.

Partner with us for your critical industrial applications and end-user requirements. We will work diligently to determine what your pain-points are and create custom solutions designed specifically for you.

At American Belleville, our mission is to be the conscientious leader in the industry, by being best at what matters most to you.

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