Value of Long Term Agreements

Several essentials in our lives continue to rise in price including gas, groceries, food, lumber, and steel. These items are essentials that fuel our cars, computers, homes, and ourselves. As previously discussed in our steel bubble blog post, steel prices haven’t even hit their peak. Experts predict that we won’t see a decrease until late 2022. At American Belleville, we monitor the market’s forecasts to offer the best options for our customers. During this time, we recommend that customers sign up for a long-term agreement (LTA) to lock in the best price for the products we supply. Learn more about the American Belleville Promise and how you can get the best value through a proactive approach.

Steel Market Update

Currently, the U.S. market remains tight with steel prices up a staggering 215%. Steel mill lead times are out to the end of this year, and prices are predicted to stay high and continue to rise well into 2022. Unfortunately, supply and demand continue to be out of balance. The increase in demand is due to several factors including rising global prices and the Sections 232 steel tariffs implemented by the last administration in March of 2018. Despite the forecast, American Belleville has a solution that assists customers by offering a locked-in price that circumvents future, inflated pricing.

Lock In a Set Price Through a Proactive Approach 

We care for our customers and provide the most cost-effective pricing models for a high-quality product. To ensure that our customers are receiving the best price, we recommend signing up for our long-term agreement that ranges from six months to one year. When you sign up for a long-term agreement, you are guaranteed that product and protected against volatility in pricing. At American Belleville, we promise to not only sell an outstanding product, but to always put our customers first. 

The American Belleville Promise

We fully believe in nurturing customer relationships and finding our customers the most sustainable solutions. That is why we are offering long-term agreements. Our extensive knowledge of the marketplace can be an asset for you during this time. And, our team is always available to assist you. We know you need answers as soon as possible, so we do our best to provide them. American Belleville promises accuracy, reliability, ease, timeliness, and quality to all of our customers, even when the steel market is unpredictably volatile. Contact us with questions by filling out the form below or by calling 440.721.8350.