Benefits of Stainless Steel Washers

Durability is a key in preventing wear and distortion, so it is important to consider the material of your Belleville washers, flange washers, load washers, and disc springs. Stainless steel consists of corrosion-resistant alloys such as iron, chromium, nickel, and other metals. It is resistant to corrosion, handles extreme temperatures well, and remains environmentally neutral. So, it’s a great option for several kinds of applications. Learn more about the advantage of stainless steel washers below.

Stainless Steel is Resistant to Corrosion

Due to the combination of alloys in stainless steel, it does not easily rust or corrode over time like other metals. A layer of chromium oxide protects stainless steel and acts as a barrier against corrosion. Moreover, the surface of stainless steel regenerates itself if it is scratched. Stainless steel is durable and is often used as a critical component for electrical connections, valve live-loading, marine, petrochemical, and aerospace applications. Since it is resilient, you can also expect lower maintenance costs.

Mechanical Properties 

Besides its resistance to corrosive elements, stainless steel washers have mechanical properties that function in extremely low and high temperatures. The material not only resists these extreme temperatures, but the mechanical properties also offer protection from friction, abrasion, and impact. This is why stainless steel washers are recommended in applications that experience elevated temperatures (up to 550 deg. F), as well as low temperature (cryogenic) applications

Stainless Steel is Recyclable

An important aspect of stainless steel to consider is that it is sustainable and it is 100% recyclable. Due to its astounding durability, stainless steel can often last as long as the project lasts, but at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled. Also, stainless steel is chemically inactive when in contact with water, so it will not release compounds into its environment. The material is ideal for applications such as rainwater recovery systems and water pipes. 

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