Driving Your Industry Forward, One Partnership at a Time.

Building Relationships Beyond Supplying Products and Services.

At American Belleville, we are people-first, product-first. Second place is not in our nature.

We service the regional, national, and global marketplaces with our USA-made products while we focus on developing valuable, long-term relationships with our partners through delivery, accuracy and trust. After all, work isn’t just “work” when we love what we do – and more importantly, with whom we do it.

With our collective wealth of product expertise and industry experience, we have the resources within our organization to meet your needs, regardless of your application or industry.

Partnering with the Best to Deliver the Best.

For organizations looking to grow with the market’s most innovative Belleville Washer, Disc Spring, and Flange Washer manufacturer, we’ll gladly pull up a chair for you at our table and show you what we’ve got.

We work with all levels of your organization that have a stake in the utilization of our products to help you grow revenue, increase speed to market, and improve productivity.

Fastener Distribution

With our time-tested strategies, we support the service and product needs of Fastener Distributors around the world. We’re proud to have a team of industry experts who can seamlessly integrate with VMI and JIT (Just-In-Time) programs that are major parts of the modern fastener distribution landscape. Click here to read more.

Electrical Connections

Using advanced technology, we design and build application-specific components for Power Transmission & Electrical Distribution requirements. Applications include Busbar and Switchgear, Pole Line Hardware, High Voltage Rectifiers and Semiconductors, Substations, Circuit Breakers, High Voltage Transmission Lines, Tensioning Cable Support Assemblies, etc. Click here to learn more.

Industrial Distribution

Our engineered products and customized service solutions support Industrial Distribution networks worldwide. Streamline industrial supply chains with our trusted, high-quality products while enjoying accurate, timely service! Learn more.

Valve Applications

Our engineering and production teams collaborate to design and manufacture performance-critical spring components for the Valve industry.  Applications in Valve Live Loading, Valve Packing Stems, Valve Actuators, Ball Valves, etc.

Industrial Applications

American Belleville is proud to engineer products that help mitigate movement in bolted joints due to differential thermal expansion, vibration, and bolt creep issues in industrial applications. With our innovative expertise, we fully support and supply products for spring-loading and heavy-duty bolting needs. Read more!

Oil & Gas Applications

From valve applications to flange bolting, we focus strongly on the specialized needs of the Oil & Gas industry.  Applications include Heat Exchangers, Valves, Pipe Flanges, Downhole Drilling Tools, Pipe Hold-Downs, etc. Learn more.