Our “Total Customer Experience” Explained

In today’s day and age, you can get almost anything on-demand. So as a result, you have come to expect orders as quickly and accurately as possible. Learn about how our Total Customer Experience model ensures that your needs are met as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

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Not All Belleville Washers or Disc Springs Are the Same

Because of the critical requirements of Belleville washers and Disc Springs, a high-quality product is crucial in nearly all applications. That is a main reason why customers choose American Belleville as their exclusive provider. While many manufacturers consider washers a commodity, our team views washers as highly-engineered products. We carefully manufacture them to do exactly what you need them to do. Learn more about what differentiates Belleville washers and Disc Springs.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Belleville Washers

Consider this your go-to guide for Belleville washers, also referred to as conical spring washers. Belleville washers are used to prevent fasteners from vibrating loose, dampening and absorbing shock that threatens the integrity of the joint. Conical washers are common in industries such as automotive, energy, distribution, chemical, pump and valve manufacturing, industrial automation, utility transmission, and many more. They’re built to limit effects of relaxation, to resolve thermal expansion, and to deter bolt yield. American Belleville washers specialize in high-temperature applications in the most corrosive environments where high-quality is a must. Contact us to learn why you should choose us as your exclusive Belleville Washer Provider.

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