How to Calculate Torque to Tighten Bolts

You must know how to calculate torque for tightening bolts to ensure that your application is functional and safe. Errors in torque calculation can result in expensive failure, including the time and hassle of replacing broken equipment. Having the wrong materials, or an incorrect torque calculation can be potentially hazardous. An under-torqued bolt will deform and won’t be able to provide as much clamping force as needed, while an over-torqued bolt will break.

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Our “Total Customer Experience” Explained

In today’s day and age, you can get almost anything on-demand. So as a result, you have come to expect orders as quickly and accurately as possible. Learn about how our Total Customer Experience model ensures that your needs are met as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

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Not All Belleville Washers or Disc Springs Are the Same

Because of the critical requirements of Belleville washers and Disc Springs, a high-quality product is crucial in nearly all applications. That is a main reason why customers choose American Belleville as their exclusive provider. While many manufacturers consider washers a commodity, our team views washers as highly-engineered products. We carefully manufacture them to do exactly what you need them to do. Learn more about what differentiates Belleville washers and Disc Springs.

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