Why Partner With Us?

Redefining the Belleville Experience, the American Belleville Way.


Conscientious Leadership.

American Belleville endeavors to partner with organizations that share our passion for conscientious, ethical leadership in business, our local and global communities and the environment.  We strive to positively impact the lives of our employees, their families and that of our entire network of business associates through results-driven, values-based partnerships.

Customer Testimonials

The Best at What Matters Most to You.

Say goodbye to boilerplate customer service that has become the status quo when working with suppliers.

At American Belleville, we’re focusing on customer-specific relationships.  What works for one may not be the best solution for another.  We understand that, and we’ll work closely with you to meet your particular needs, and exceed your expectations.

From concept to delivery, our mission is to be the best at what matters most to you. And we don’t just stop there.

The American Belleville Advantage.

Experience for yourself.  We’ll ask the questions up front, so that there is no confusion down the road.   A Master Carpenter would tell you to always measure twice, so you only have to cut once.  We’ve taken this approach to building a detailed and customized approach to working with YOU.

Why American Belleville?  Why now?

We got tired of seeing people acquiesce to subpar customer service.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We listened.

Our business is built on listening to you and identifying your pain points. Our solutions are then designed specifically for you while keeping you engaged in the process from start to finish. We are committed to quick, accurate turnaround at every stage of the process.  Frequent and clear communication, using your language and your preferred methods ensure efficiency and more time to focus on the more challenging aspects of your day.  Our knowledgeable and hard-working team is always available to you.

If you are looking for a long-lasting partnership developed through trust, accuracy and efficiency, look no further than American Belleville.

Highest Quality Products at Globally Competitive Prices.

Because you should never have to pick one or the other.

Through our cost-effective pricing model and extensive knowledge of the marketplace, we’ll keep you competitive and ensure a stronger conversion rate, from quote to order.

Because first-rate quality should never be negotiable, American Belleville adheres strictly to industry-standard specifications to ensure conformance to form, fit and function requirements.  And that last one is key.  If your current supplier can’t or won’t stand behind the specified performance criteria of the part(s) you need, it’s time to move on.

Learn more about our USA-made products.

Conveniently Located Headquarters for Distribution of Our USA-Made Products.

The Northeast Ohio area is an ideal hub for timely delivery of components to the primary manufacturing centers of the United States. Our 22,000 square foot facility manufactures USA-made products in Concord, Ohio to service the regional, national & global marketplaces from a convenient location for distribution of products.

Not to mention, we are always willing to travel the extra mile to meet your needs.

Industry Expertise Built on Over Half a Century of Hard Work.

With a combined six decades of product & industry expertise and experience, our leadership team has been around the Belleville block.

And then some….

We know what it takes to manufacture and supply a first-rate quality product, and our entire team knows the Belleville Washer, Flange Washer, and Disc Spring product range like none other.

We listened.  We learned.  Now, we’re blowing up the status quo.

Join us, won’t you?

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Stress-Free Service

“American Belleville does a great job for me. From shipping on time, to stocking parts for release. I can’t remember ever having an issue with them.”

Mark, Kansas City, KS

Pile of Washers

Quality Products and Service

"American Belleville is large enough to take care of our needs, but small enough to know us… This converts directly into exceptional customer service. I really appreciate American Belleville's “can do” attitude in willing to help in our recent round of technical questions. They are responsive, have quality-made products, and have aggressive pricing. The total package.”

Wesley V., Baton Rouge, LA

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Excellent Partnership

“Les - I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service that American Belleville has provided since you have been in business. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I have recommended you to co-workers because of my satisfaction with your service. I look forward to doing business with American Belleville for many years to come. Cheers!”

A 35+ year fastener professional

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Great Service and Pricing

"I would recommend American Belleville to anyone who needs great customer service and pricing. We used to buy our Belleville washers from another supplier, and when I called American Belleville, their pricing was a third of what we were paying. Their customer service is excellent, very friendly and very professional. They are easy to work with and were able to answer any questions I had on their products. I wish every company that I deal with had the customer service and knowledge that American Belleville provides. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed."

Jim S., Anaheim, CA

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Friendly, Knowledgeable Experts

"There was obviously something that sets American Belleville apart. Probably price and availability, and then some good customer service on top of that. Also the fact that I get a sense of security that I’ll get the right things when I hear or feel the person on the other side of the phone knows or understands what they’re selling.”

Rene G., Texas

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Five-Star Customer Service

“American Belleville is a fantastic and reputable company to have a relationship with. Perry and Les have the most respectful customer service. They answer any question you have or concerns, they are knowledgeable about the products and are ALWAYS willing to help. We moved to American Belleville immediately upon seeing their ad in a fastener magazine due to knowing the kind of customer service we get with these guys. We give this company and these guys an A+ rating with 5-star customer service. You will never find a company that gets to know their customers like American Belleville does. Always a pleasure doing business with these guys.”

Sherri H., Little Rock, AR

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Always Willing to Help

“The folks at American Belleville are always willing to help with technical data, etc. They offer very good service and price, having saved us 30% over the last year on our entire Belleville washer spend.”

Bobby, Texas

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A True Partner

“We chose American Belleville for their consistent quality, fair market pricing, and providing the lot tracking specifications required in our industry. It is always a pleasure to call Les, knowing when you hang up the phone your order is in good hands and you won’t have to track him down later for status of your order… he has a handle on it! American Belleville has been a true partner with us and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

Darlene H., Everett, WA

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Timely, Cost-Effective Service

“American Belleville has been very accommodating to our company, and have supplied products that have been difficult to find in the past. Not only are we receiving our material in a timely manner, but at a reduced price than previously purchased. We are very pleased with American Belleville and their products We look forward to continue to do business with them in the future.”

Kim K., Shreveport, LA

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Exceptional Customer Service

“I learned about American Belleville in October of 2018 and boy am I glad found them. Les Riga brings a great deal of knowledge of Belleville washers to the company and is very quick in getting the information that I need to help us get the sale. With this exceptional customer service and competitive pricing from American Belleville, you will be able to grow your Belleville washer business.”

Peter K., Connecticut

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Making Your Job Easier

“I deal with American Belleville for three very important factors. ONE: they were friendly and eager to earn my business. TWO: they were knowledgeable about my customers’ specific needs and applications. And THREE: they were more than competitively-priced within the market place. It was a simple combination that was a home run for our business!”

Robert D., Jacksonville, FL

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Easy to Work With

“Les, you have always been very easy to work with and your desire to meet customer needs is second to none!”

Mark D., Alabama

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Prices and Service You’ll Love

"Working with American Belleville has been a refreshing change from our previous supplier. It’s like night and day. The biggest change I’ve noticed is on the engineering side. When I have customers who require small changes, Les and the entire crew have been more than helpful in assisting me with the engineering data I need to ultimately relay back to the customer. It’s easily handled with just a phone call or a follow-up email. With our previous supplier, smaller runs of parts were either too expensive or had incredibly long lead times, but with American Belleville, I’m receiving parts both on time and with pricing that is extremely reasonable."

Michael E., Tulsa, OK

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Great Prices, High Quality Parts

“When I first started doing business with American Belleville, I had been trying to find a single supplier with decent pricing and reasonable lead times on fairly common parts. Not only did American Belleville have the best pricing, but had the shortest lead times. Whenever I ask for a quote or place an order, whether it is a single part or multiple items, whether my order is big or small, I know that I am getting high quality parts at the best price available, and will get them quicker than I would from anyone else. The excellent service that I get from American Belleville makes me feel that they care just as much about my business as I do. I have used several suppliers over the years for my disc springs and belleville washers and none of them come close to the level of service I get from American Belleville.”

David W., Alabama

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Easy to Work With

“I feel that American Belleville is a headache-free supplier. Quality, response time and competitive pricing are all excellent”

Jack M., New Jersey

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Quick Response

“I choose American Belleville first because of the quick response and sense of urgency I get from Les. When I need things next day, he gets my items out the door and is even willing to run to the UPS location after hours to make sure it happens. Any technical information I’ve ever asked for, is in my inbox within the drop of a dime. I know I will get the items I need, the information I need and the service I need, before the rest even get their quote back to me. That, again, is why I choose American Belleville first.”

Jason O., Wisconsin

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Easy to Work With

“I would say that your company was extremely easy to deal with, had the items we needed in stock and shipped them fast. If I had ever purchased anything from Amazon, I can’t imagine them being any better than your company in filling orders!”

Marty W., Baltimore, MD

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Large Inventory, Quick Response

“Quick response to quotes. Large inventory at competitive prices. Will work with us on Blanket order.”

D.S., Colorado

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A Partner You Can Trust

“American Belleville has the exact size washers that our customers need on the shelf. Always prompt delivery and always willing to work with us on any issues that arise. Les and his team are a pleasure to do business with. He’s very knowledgeable and follows through on his word!”

Joey T., Georgia