Industrial Supply

Industrial distributors can seamlessly stock product and streamline industrial supply chains with dependable products by partnering with American Belleville. We help distributors serve their key markets by providing high-quality, engineered products quickly and efficiently. Our products are easily stocked, serve a large potential customer base, and are engineered and turned around quickly. This way, industrial distributors can make sure their customers’ industrial supply chains keep running efficiently with quality products.

Why Partner with American Belleville?

American Belleville built a reputation for providing accuracy, honesty, dependability, ease, timeliness, and quality as part of our Total Customer Experience. We identified these factors as things that industrial distributors demand, but are not factors that are always found with many manufacturers. Simply put, we meet your orders’ requirements right off the bat. But don’t just take our word for it; our customer testimonials back it up as well. Our customers often need answers as soon as possible, so we always do our very best to provide them. Honest, clear communication is essential for a successful business partnership. So, we will let you know if we need more time. Our trusty team of industry veterans has a wealth of product expertise and industry experience. So, we have the resources within our organization to answer your questions and consistently meet your needs.

Provide Industrial Supply Chains with Parts That are Easy to Sell, Stock, and Deliver

We engineer our high-quality parts and products to make it easy for industrial supply companies to sell and distribute them. Our products are designed with the following characteristics:

  • Stockable and serviceable. Distributors eliminate many engineered parts and components as possibilities because they are difficult to stock. American Belleville products are easily stocked and can even be packaged according to customer-defined requirements to help make an industrial suppliers’ job as easy as possible.
  • Large potential customer base. Our products are used by many businesses in a wide variety of industries, making them easy for distributors to sell profitably. Our products meet and often exceed standard requirements across a broad industrial base, which allows for a larger, and more diversified distribution network.
  • Rapid delivery and service. Speedy product replacement is essential when equipment breaks down or when there is an industrial supply shortage. Prompt delivery and service are important because downtime can be very costly. By partnering with American Belleville, industrial suppliers can expect small or large-quantity orders to arrive quickly and accurately. Our product range is often thought to be important ONLY when there is difficulty in finding the right parts. That fact is never lost on us.

Your Vendor-Managed Inventory Partner

Many industrial supply companies love partnering with American Belleville because we can help them manage client inventory, provide technical service, and institute vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs. VMI programs are a major facet of the industrial supply industry because they can help distributors meet demanding deadlines and retain business. Managing hundreds or thousands of different products as part of a VMI program can be a huge undertaking. So, we’ll help you streamline your industrial supply chains with our engineered Belleville WashersDisc Springs, and Flange Washers.

Industrial Just-In-Time (JIT) Programs

Just-In-Time (JIT) programs have become a key component of supply chain management for many industrial supply companies. Avoid building up excess inventory while keeping product moving by scheduling releases, so that product is procured then quickly distributed. With JIT programs, distributors can lock in the best price available by committing long-term up-front. That way, they can establish an industrial supply chain that meets their requirements. Plus, it protects them against price increases for the entirety of the agreement. And, we remain flexible on scheduling in case the customer’s usage fluctuates throughout the term. For more details on our VMI or JIT programs, please contact us.