Industrial Hardware

Even the smallest part can have a major impact on the efficiency of your industrial equipment. For a perfect fit, trust American Belleville for heavy-duty machinery applications. Our products include disc springs, flange washers, load washers, and Belleville washers that support high loads while rendering relatively small deflections. Our products mitigate movement in bolted joints due to differential thermal expansion, vibration, and bolt creep issues in industrial applications. We specialize in engineering products that thrive in high-temperature applications and protect bolted joint integrity in the most corrosive environments.

Industrial Hardware Designed to Meet Your Needs

Consider us your ultimate support system when it comes to disc springs, flange washers, load washers, and Belleville washers. Our innovative team will provide you with the best products and advice to help you in every step of your process. We fully support and supply products for spring-loading and heavy-duty bolting needs in industrial applications. Applications include, but are not limited to Clutches and Fail-Safe Braking Systems, Stamping Die Strippers, Shock Absorption Systems, Torque Limiters, Electric Motors, Pumps, Turbines, Rolling Mills, Coke Oven Doors, Slack Adjusters, Seismic Damping Equipment, Structural Members, Lift Trucks, Paper Mill Machinery, Conveyor Systems, Hoists, Cranes, Winches and Actuators.

Why Industrial Clients Choose American Belleville

American Belleville’s Total Customer Experience is a differentiator that customers appreciate and value. The basic concept revolves around providing accuracy, honesty, dependability, ease, timeliness, and quality for all of our customers. As experienced professionals, we have identified these factors as qualities that every customer demands, regardless of which industry they are in. But, they seem to be qualities that have become harder to find with many manufacturers.

First, we focus on meeting your inquiry’s initial requirements. That is, immediately providing you with the information and answers you are looking for regarding availability, pricing, etc. You often need answers as soon as possible, so we always do our very best to provide them in a timely fashion. We believe that clear, honest communication is essential for a successful business partnership. Then, we do our best to fill your order with the best performing products for your applications. Our team of industry veterans has years of product expertise and industry experience, so you can feel confident in their ability to provide the best solutions for your needs. We have the resources within our organization to answer your questions and consistently meet your needs. Don’t believe us? Then let our customer testimonials tell the story.

Industrial Hardware You Can Trust

Our team is happy to help you evaluate your applications to identify the appropriate parts needed. Then, we offer solutions, which may include multiple options. We often help customers troubleshoot problems that may have occurred with an existing design, and update their product specifications and part requisition listings. All of this is to ensure that they receive the best products for their most demanding applications.

Let us change the way you think about sourcing industrial hardware. We assure you, these new thought processes will ultimately be applied to your methodology for sourcing all of the items that you look for each day. That has been our approach since Day One, and that is what you should expect when working with American Belleville. Contact us to get started today!