Our Approach

Because of the critical requirements of Belleville Washers and Disc Springs, we engineer high-quality products that excel in the most challenging environments and demanding applications. Not all Disc Springs or Belleville Washers are the same; we carefully engineer ours to be re-used over and over, each time as predictably as the last. We’re committed to revolutionizing your product sourcing experience with quality solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Focused to Meet Your Service Needs

Our team is dedicated to our “Total Customer Experience” promise that ensures that your needs are met rapidly, conveniently, and accurately. Our approach is to immediately provide you with a solution once you contact us for assistance, regardless of what you need. When dealing with American Belleville, you can always expect a quick and accurate solution.

Nowadays, customers expect an immediate response from businesses within 10 minutes or less. They want to communicate with businesses conveniently and efficiently and expect an honest, understandable response. That is what we strive to provide; that is our Total Customer Experience. We help you evaluate your applications to identify the correct parts needed. Then, we suggest solutions, update products, and troubleshoot to verify optimal performance.

Our Quality Promise

Our reliable, engineered solutions are built to meet the most demanding requirements of your most challenging industrial applications to drive your supply chain forward with maximum efficiency. When you contact us with a request, you’ll never have to ask twice. Since Day One, we have achieved 99% product accuracy and on-time delivery. We know you need answers as soon as possible, so we do our best to provide them and let you know if we need more time. We believe in honest, clear communication to build a successful business partnership, and that’s why our customers choose to work with us. Review our Customer Testimonials page to see more, then check out this case study to see a prime example of our Total Customer Experience.