Producing High-Quality Products, Designed Just for You.

The New Standard in Belleville Washer, Disc Spring and Flange Washer Supply Chain Solutions.

Our innovative and tailor-made solutions serve all of your critical industrial applications and end-user requirements while we work to drive your supply chain forward with maximum efficiency.

Our team of experts knows the Belleville Washer, Disc Spring, and Flange Washer industries from the inside out, and we’re committed to revolutionizing the overall customer experience with sourcing solutions designed specifically for your business.

Innovative Products Manufactured for the Long Haul.

Our name doesn’t fall short of our origins. Made primarily from high temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys, our products are proudly manufactured in the USA – which helps to keep relationships close, costs low, and turnaround quick.

Through our cost-effective pricing model and competitive knowledge of the marketplace, we keep costs in line with the high-end quality product you receive.

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