Proactive Pricing for Strong Business Relationships


Have you ever gone to a favorite lunch spot, ordered the usual, and then at checkout you find that the price has increased? Maybe it’s only by a dollar or two, but as a loyal customer you feel disappointed that you weren’t notified beforehand that the price would be changing. You might continue to frequent this spot regardless of the price increase, or you may choose to find something new. Either way, the price increase will have an effect on your relationship with that restaurant, and business is no different.

Strong customer-vendor relationships are vital to the success of any business, simply because without your customers you wouldn’t be in business. As such, we know that you want to do everything in your power to keep your customers happy. There are many ways to do so; through clear and frequent communication, impeccable customer service, knowledge of the products and services that your customers need, but one of the most important has to do with price.

When a loyal returning customer orders from you, they already know what to expect as far as your expertise and level of customer service, but do they know what to expect when it comes to cost? Truth be told, they probably think they do. If they have ordered from you before, often they may assume the price has stayed the same. But, what if it hasn’t? Perhaps material or labor costs from your supplier have increased, which makes the product more expensive for your customer. Unexpected price increases can damage that strong customer relationship that you have worked to build and may even have the potential to drive the customer away.

At American Belleville, we believe in clear communication at every stage – this includes before an order is placed with us. When there is an impending price increase on a product you have previously purchased, we will contact you to notify you of the change, so you will always have current information. As your business partner, we want you to know about any price increases on our products prior to placing an order, so that you can set realistic expectations with your customer and continue to nurture the business relationship.

Let’s work together to provide the best product and the best service for your customers. Contact us today at 440-721-8350 if you’re ready to partner with American Belleville.