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American Belleville Disc Springs are manufactured to exacting standards, where predictability, repeatability and long fatigue life are paramount.

Durable, Trusted Disc Springs

Governed by the specifications outlined in the European DIN EN 16984/16983 (formerly DIN 2092/2093), American Belleville disc springs are engineered and manufactured to perform as needed in the most arduous dynamically loaded spring applications, where high load relative to available space is required.

Limitless stacking configurations help the end user achieve load curves that are either regressive, linear or progressive. Our load/deflection calculations utilize a balanced combination of time-tested theoretical formulas and field-verified results.


American Belleville offers as-delivered options that include bulk packaging and pre-assembled stacks of disc springs, per design specifications.

Available materials include:

  • High-carbon Steel Alloy AISI 1074 (ASTM A684)
  • AISI 6150 (50CrV4/51CrV4) Chrome Vanadium Steel (ASTM A506)
  • 301 Stainless Steel (ASTM A666)
  • 17/7PH Stainless Steel (ASTM A693)
  • Inconel 718 (ASTM B670 / AMS 5596)
  • 510 Phosphor Bronze (ASTM B103)

Our material selection will accommodate working temperatures from -400 deg. F to 1100 deg. F, various corrosive environments and magnetism requirements.

Additionally, several plating/finish options can achieve desired aesthetics and ensure proper resistance to environmental elements that would otherwise affect performance and longevity.

We will work closely with you to specify or design, and then manufacture the proper part for your application. Contact us online or call 440-721-8350.

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Item IDDIN SpecSeriesBolt SizeID (Min)OD (Max)THK (Nom)OH (Nom)Load @ 75% DeflectionPreset (Y/N)
AD12-5.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20012.0000.5000.900351N
AD12-5.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20012.0000.6000.950507N
AD12.5-5.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20012.5000.5000.850271N
AD15-5.2-0.4EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20015.0000.4000.950178N
AD15-5.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20015.0000.5001.000280N
AD15-5.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20015.0000.6001.050409N
AD15-5.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 15mm5.20015.0000.7001.100556N
AD12-6.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20012.0000.5000.850329N
AD12-6.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20012.0000.6000.950556N
AD12.5-6.2-0.35EN 16983 Group 1C6mm6.20012.5000.3500.800151N
AD12.5-6.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 1B6mm6.20012.5000.5000.850294N
AD12.5-6.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 1A6mm6.20012.5000.7001.000663N
AD15-6.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20015.0000.5001.000289N
AD15-6.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20015.0000.6001.050427N
AD15-6.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20015.0000.7001.100578N
AD18-6.2-0.4EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20018.0000.4001.000138N
AD18-6.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20018.0000.5001.100245N
AD18-6.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20018.0000.6001.200400N
AD18-6.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20018.0000.7001.250556N
AD18-6.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 16mm6.20018.0000.8001.300730N
Item IDDIN SpecSeriesBolt SizeID (Min)OD (Max)THK (Nom)OH (Nom)Load @ 75% DeflectionPreset (Y/N)
AD14-7.2-0.35EN 16983 Group 1C7mm0.2830.5510.0140.03128N
AD14-7.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 1B7mm0.2830.5510.0200.03563N
AD14-7.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 1A7mm0.2830.5510.0310.043180N
AD15-8.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.5910.0280.043150N
AD15-8.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.5910.0310.047222N
AD16-8.2-0.4EN 16983 Group 1C8mm0.3230.6300.0160.03535N
AD16-8.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 1B8mm0.3230.6300.0240.04193N
AD16-8.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.6300.0280.045144N
AD16-8.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.6300.0310.047186N
AD16-8.2-0.9EN 16983 Group 1A8mm0.3230.6300.0350.049229N
AD18-8.2-0.5EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7090.0200.04360N
AD18-8.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7090.0280.049135N
AD18-8.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7090.0310.051177N
AD18-8.2-1EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7090.0390.055267N
AD20-8.2-0.6EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7870.0240.05193N
AD20-8.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7870.0280.053128N
AD20-8.2-0.8EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7870.0310.055170N
AD20-8.2-0.9EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7870.0350.057215N
AD20-8.2-1EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.7870.0390.061292N
AD23-8.2-0.7EN 16983 Group 18mm0.3230.9060.0280.059123N